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How to Make a Blog Post: To publish your first blog post, log in to your blogging platform, create a new post, write content, add images, proofread, set up categories/tags and click 'Publish' to make it live on your websitepublishClick on '.

Have you just created your blog on Blogger and want to know how to do it? How to make your first blog post? that is to say How to write a blog postthen you have come to the right place.

In the previous post, I have taught step by step what is blog, blogger and blogging and how to create a free blog on blogger? If you are reading this post after that article.

So I welcome you wholeheartedly. Similarly, you will get information related to blogging on the blog (

If you have any blog related question, you can ask by making a special comment.

So let us first know why we should write a blog post and what to write and then we will know how to write a blog post.

What to post in a blog and why to blog?

Posting on blogger is very easy but what to post on the blog and these are important.

Therefore, you should first know what to post on the blog. If you are confused about what to post, then there is no need to panic.

Let us discuss with you that 'What should be posted on the blog.' Here we will give you options, this will help you understand what you should post on your blog? And if you want to post, then why should you do it?

What to post on the blog, know the complete information:

First of all, sit down with a notebook or pen and write down. Write down at least 20 notes on what you like to do the most, whatever comes to your mind.

Your interest can be anything. Traveling, photography, editing, writing, coding, researching, or any skill in which you are good.

Whatever you enjoy doing, write it down in a notebook. At least 20 topics,

Then check that out of 20 10 Which are the ones that you like doing the best?

When the list of 10 comes cut down to 5 . Then out of those 5 he 1 What is that one thing that you would like to do in any situation?

That means that when you do that work, you don't find it boring. You could do it for as long as you wanted without any break.

For that you can leave everything else. We have a (1) Select the topic.

Whatever comes, there is no need to panic. Be it coding or editing, photography or studies, we have to choose an option.

After selecting the topic, do as much research as you can about it, that is, keep doing it as much as you can and start posting on your blog.

Tell me about new topic and then just publish it on your blog.

Once the topic of interest is selected, now the question arises, why should we blog? What will you get from it? What is the benefit of blogging? So let us know in detail.

Know the reason for posting on Blogger

When choosing your blog topic, consider the first reason for posting on your blog:

The knowledge you have learned or are learning is to be shared with others.

#1. Knowledge sharing: This will also increase your knowledge and you can become an expert in that thing. That is why there is a saying;

“The more you put it in the knife, the sharper it will be”

#2. Fame/Popularity: If you want fame, that is, you want to be popular so that people recognize you, then you can also blog. In this, you can get fame like a celebrity.

Because when people see a successful person or see his lifestyle, then people want to follow his path to make themselves a successful person.

# 3. Grow your business: Do you have an online or offline business? Then you can double your sales through blogging.

For this you just have to share information related to your business in the blog.

# 4. Earning money: Billions of people every day Internet So imagine how much opportunity there is in this.

If less than 1% of visitors come to your blog, then it will take a lot of time to earn money from the blog.

When your blog becomes popular, you will give advertisements in the blog, then you can also do paid promotion.

There can be many more things to blog about. Like communicating with people, increasing job profile, etc.

Well!, If you understood what to post on the blog? And why to post? So let's now know how to write a blog post (how to post a blog) step by step.

First: How to write a blog post (Blog Post Kaise Likhe)

Here are the step by step instructions on how to make your first blog post on Blogger:

  • #2. Add our account to the blog you want to post on Gmail ID From Login Do it.
  • #3. After logging in, now on the left side “New PostClick on what is written “”.
  • #4. Now whatever title you want to put in your blog post title Write.
  • #5. Write what you want to write in the white box below. Post related information, like Paragraph, Heading You will get everything.
  • #6. Click on top for images and videos Dashboard You will find an option something like this:

From here you can select image, upload video, links, quotes etc. will be available here.

  • #7. When you're done writing your post, you can now Publish can do it, but Post Settings It is very important to do it.

How to do post settings? Follow its steps now:

Do Important Blog Post Settings:

#1. Labels: With this option you can create post label i.e. Category You can keep it so that people can find it easily later.

#2. Published on: When and at what time the post should be posted. Everything can be set here. Posts will be published accordingly.

#3. Permalink: This means what will be the URL of your post, its settings are there.

  • Automatic Permalinks If you select it, it will automatically set your permalink.
  • Custom Permalinks You can keep your post title or shorten its URL (permalink).

#4.Location: If you want to post for a particular area then select the location here or not.

#5.Options: You can set from here whether the visitors can comment on your post or not.

#6. If you have completed all the settings and have also completed writing the article, then you can click on the above link. preview Click on the option of.

With this you can re-check the article by “previewing” it and see how it looks.

#7. If your article looks fine, then no editing is necessary. So click on the button next to the preview “publishPublish the post by clicking on “.

Done! Now take yours First blog post successfully published are done.

Now you can share the post on social media and share the link with friends.

So, now whenever you want to post, follow this way and keep posting regular blogs.


Here are some common FAQs about how to make a blog post:

How do I start writing blog posts?

To start a blog post, brainstorm ideas, outline your content, and start writing using a catchy introduction.

What are the essential elements of a well-written blog post?

Essential elements include a catchy title, attractive content, visuals (images, videos), proper formatting and a catchy conclusion.

Can I schedule a blog post to be published at a later time/date?

YesMost blogging platforms allow scheduling posts for future publication, giving you control over when your content will go live.

Is it important to optimize my blog posts for SEO?

Yes, it is important to optimize for SEO, use relevant keywords, meta descriptions and structure content for better search engine visibility.

What steps should I take after publishing a blog post?

Post-publishing steps include sharing on social media, engaging with comments, and monitoring the post's performance for improvement.

Can I edit or update a published blog post?

Yes, you can edit or update a published post by accessing the edit option in your blogging platform.


In this post, we will teach you what to post on a blog and why to post on a blog and How to make your first blog post on blogger That means that 'How to Write a Blog Post'.

I hope you learned how to setup blog post with step by step screenshots.

If you have any question related to the blog post or any topic related to blogger, you can ask by commenting or you can directly contact us FB Page You can send message on.

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