How to Design a Blogger Blog (Design Your Blog in Hindi)

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Do you create your free blog on blogger? And now How to design a blogger blog? Want to learn complete information. Then you have come to the right place. In this blogging tutorial, you will be given detailed guide on how to start a blog How to design a .

Blogs are very much in trend these days, if you are a new blogger then you have to design your blog well so that visitors can easily access your blog. Website I will visit (blog) regularly.

If you are a new blogger and you do not know how to design a blogger blog. So read this article carefully. Easy steps along with screenshots are also provided.

With this you can easily design your blog. So let's understand how to design a blogger blog with complete information and steps –

How to design a Blogger blog (How to design a blog in Hindi)

To design a Blogger blog, first sign in, then click “Themes,” choose or customize a template, then adjust the layout, fonts, and colors as desired.

Basically, when a visitor comes to your blog through your blog home page or articles (posts), he does not just look at your content. He also notes the design of your blog.

If your blog content , blog design If you are good then there is a high chance that you will remember the name of your blog. Otherwise there is a high chance that you will forget the name of your blog.

because one server Blogs are considered the third (3rd) most trustworthy source of information according to the . Every day millions of blog articles are published and millions of traffic reads blogs.

In order for people to connect with your blog for the first time, the content and design of your blog post must certainly be attractive. So that the visitor benefits from reading your blog post.

9 Tips to Design a Blog (Steps to Design your Blog)

Blogger design the blog to do steps Read them carefully and write them down in your notebook. tips You can design a good blog by following this.

# 1. First add a custom domain to the blog

best for blogger design custom domain Buy and connect to your blog. If you don't know the correct way to buy a domain, then read “How to buy a domain” and “Add a custom domain to blogger”.

# 2. Upload logos

Custom in Blog domain name After adding, make sure that a logo of your blog should be added.

  • You can include your domain name in the logo or get a logo designed from a professional logo designer.
  • But try to have your blog name in your logo.
  • This will make it easier for your blog visitors to remember your blog name.

#3. Upload Custom Theme

To design a Blogger blog, firstly you need to create a responsible mobile friendly and SEO ready custom theme/template and upload it to your blog.

There is already a detailed article about this. Upload custom theme to this blog.

# 4. Add Home, Category to the menu bar

Add post category/level or custom link to menu bar with name.

For example, you create different posts with category/level name “Home, Technology, etc.” Then add Home, Technology, etc. to the menu bar and show it.

# 5. Add widgets to Blogger

Add widgets to your Blogger blog to design the blog. Widgets are an essential aspect of a blog's home screen. You can add social media widgets, images, profiles, search bar, recent posts and popular posts etc.

This will make your home screen look more beautiful and professional as well as easy for visitors to access your blog.

# 6. Add author profile

Also add a top author profile section to the post. This will increase the quality of your article and Google also likes the name of the person who wrote the article. SEO This is a good practice for.

If your theme/template doesn't have an author section then click Custom Theme>Edit HTML Edit.

# 7. Add a footer

Footer section also plays a very important role for SEO and also for professional look. When someone likes your website (blog) then he will also see the footer section that what is in the footer.

In the what section you can add contact us, about, term and condition, comment policy, etc.

# 8. Place images, videos in the article

Whenever you post something, keep in mind that if you post images, videos, documents etc. related to the post then add me.

This will make it easier for visitors to understand the article, and Google also suggests this for ranking in Google. Do add at least one image.

# 9. Add Featured Image or Post Thumbnails

Make sure each of your articles has a featured image, also known as a post thumbnail.

If your blog has a post thumbnail then your blog will look nice.

Future images attract visitors to click on your post.


To design a blogger blog, read all the steps carefully and write them in your notebook. By following these rules you can design a good blog.

If you have any problem in designing a Blogger blog or you have any question related to it, then you can ask by commenting below.

I hope, with the help of this article “How to Design a Blogger Blog” You must have understood it.

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