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how to add blog to google search console, Google Search Console To add a blog to , first sign in, “Add PropertyClick on ”, Enter the blog URL, HTML TagsHTML file upload, or domain name Verify ownership through the provider. This will allow you to view your blog data.

Have you created your free blog, uploaded the theme to the blog and started posting blogs?

Now, you want How to get your blog post into Google search So you How to add a blog to Google Search Console You need to know the right way to do this. Otherwise, neither your blog nor your post will rank in Google.

The very first step to rank a blog or blog post in Google is to connect your blog to the Google search engine (console).

So, first of all, we need to know that What is Google Consolethen we will know that how to add blog to google search console,

What is Google Search Console (Google Search Console in Hindi)?

google search console a Google It is a free tool. With its help, we can upload our blog posts to Google search engine. Any person can search on Google and find our website (blog) or web (blog) post.

Basically, Google Search Console gives reports of our blog like search traffic, performance, errors and ranking tips etc.

If you want to see your blog or blog post in Google search results, then first you have to connect your blog with Google Search Console. Now you have understood what is Google Search Console.

So let's come to the main topic now How to submit your blog to Google Search Console Learn in Hindi:

Steps: How to add a blog to Google Search Console

To submit your blog on Google Console, follow the below steps carefully:

step 1: First of all “Google Search ConsoleGo to “ andStart NowClick on ” .

Step 2: Click on the Start button and sign in to your Google account. (Your email id And sign in by entering password.

Step 3: now you are here “URL prefix” In my Domain and click on “ContinueClick on ” .

Note: if your domain world Wide Web And SSL certificate is enabled. So Dell, or else Dale Dale. world Wide Web If it is not in your domain then “world Wide Web” I don’t want to give it.

  • Example: Or

Or do one thing directly open your blog and URL Copy paste your domain from.

Step 4: Now you have to do Ownership verification HTML tag You have to copy the code given in .

Step 5: After copying the HTML tags, A new page will appear. And login to your blog.

Step 6: Click on “Theme” option on left side in Blogger dashboard Click on “EDIT HTML”.

Step 7: Now Bad HTML tags in the tag (the code copied in step5) copy code paste Do it and to the editor Saved Do it.

Step 8: Now go back to Google Search Console, i.e. go to step 5, and Ownership Verification Do it.

After clicking on Verify, you will see verified ownership The show will happen.

Done! Your blog has been successfully submitted/added to Google Search Console.


To add or submit a blog to Google Search Console, you only need a Gmail account. As soon as you login to Google Search Console, you will have to add the domain and verify the account ownership.

All the posts you have made in the blog will gradually start ranking in Google.

Similarly, you can add any of your domains to Google Search Console.

If any person searches about your blog on Google then he will be able to reach your blog through the search result.

I hope you like this article “How to add a blog to Google Search Console” It will be helpful for you.

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